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The Wyoming Veterans Museum holds a large number of oral history interviews pertaining to Wyoming Veterans who have served from World War I through modern deployments.  It is our privilege to share some of those videos with you on this site.  More will be added.


This Excel document contains a list of the oral history interviews available at the Wyoming Veterans Museum for research purposes.  This list is regularly updated.


If you would like more information on Oral History throughout the state of Wyoming, click HERE to see the list of Oral History available from the Wyoming State Historical Society.

Videos by Era

World War I

Click HERE to view our World War I veteran interview.

World War II

Click HERE to view our World War II veterans interviews.

Korean War

Click HERE to view our Korean War veterans interviews.

Cold War

Click HERE to view our Cold War veterans interviews.


Click HERE to view our Vietnam veterans interviews.

Modern Deployments

Click HERE to view our Modern Deployments veterans interviews.

Casper Army Air Base Film

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